Fairtrade Flowers from Ecuador Direct to Your Door

27 January 2017   |   Kyle Freund, Media Manager, Fairtrade America
Photo by: Sean Garrison

This Valentine’s Day, love unconventionally with Be My Rose’s Fairtrade flowers.

It’s estimated that 250 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day. The stories behind each bouquet are as unique as the people involved. Be My Rose, an innovative company bringing farm fresh flowers from Ecuador to lovebirds in the US, is adding a special twist to the traditional love story.

Be My Rose is proud to announce their commitment to Fairtrade. Founded by social entrepreneur Valentina Roldan, Be My Rose is dedicated to empowerment and life-changing impact in the communities where farm workers live. The FAIRTRADE Mark on each bouquet certifies that workers enjoy adequate working conditions and receive additional money that is used to invest in their communities according to their priorities.

“This Valentine’s Day we’re encouraging people to take a step off the beaten path and love unconventionally. Each of the bouquets from our Valentine’s Day Collection come with a greeting card containing a poem that will help you pour out your heart, express your deepest feelings and celebrate your own unconventional love story like you never have before,” said Roldan. “And now each bouquet is transmitting that same love to the people assembling them.

“I find true power in community and aim to make every step of our supply chain about building community. We strive to provide a safe and fair environment for our workers and take pride in the fact that 90 percent of our workforce are women who work to support their families and improve their lives on their terms.”

Workers on Fairtrade certified flower farms benefit from improved working conditions, including freedom of association, collective bargaining, and Fairtrade Premium funds paid for by each flower stem sold. Farm workers invest the Fairtrade Premium in projects that directly address their necessities and important needs within their communities.

Beyond the endless benefits of Fairtrade, Be My Rose has invested in seminars and special training programs to help women learn about their rights and ways to prevent, stand up against, and overcome domestic violence. Many farm workers have risen up and become active leaders in their communities by teaching other women and men to cultivate and nurture equitable relationships based on mutual respect.

Be My Rose is fully committed to environmental protection by using filtered waste water to irrigate flowers and focusing on the use of organic fertilizers and special soil enhancers that significantly reduce or completely eliminate the need for harmful pesticides.

Globally, the international Fairtrade system works with 55 flower plantations representing 48,500 workers in eight countries. Workers received over $6.8 million in Fairtrade Premium in 2014, the majority of which was invested in services for workers and their families, including 28 percent dedicated to education. Fairtrade certified flower plantations in Ecuador sold 21 million stems ranking fourth among Fairtrade producing countries.


About Be My Rose
Be My Rose offers a wide variety of sustainably-produced bouquets from their flower farms in Ecuador which are assembled and delivered directly to your front door. Wholesale is another option for those who need flowers in large quantities for weddings or other special events. Be My Rose integrates sustainability into every aspect of their business from the water used to irrigate flowers to the treatment of its workers. Their farm is certified by Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and FlorEcuador.

About Fairtrade America
Fairtrade is an alternative approach to trade that empowers farmers and workers, companies and consumers to equally share the benefits of trade. Our vision is a world in which all farmers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfill their potential and have the possibility to shape their own future.

By complying with the social, economic and environmental criteria in the internationally-agreed Fairtrade Standards, farmers, traders and brands can improve the sustainability of their entire supply chain. The FAIRTRADE Mark, licensed by Fairtrade America in the United States, is the most recognized and trusted ethical label worldwide.

Learn more at www.fairtradeamerica.org or follow Fairtrade America on @FairtradeMarkUS.

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