Ethical candy to try this Halloween

23 September 2020   |   Melissa Weinstein, Fairtrade America Marketing Coordinator
cocoa beans in a bag

I remember my first Halloween as a child. Swimming in an oversized black cloak with a tall witch’s hat resting on my head, I held my neon orange pumpkin basket close to my chest as Mom and I made our way around the neighborhood. My heart started to race with excitement as the pumpkin began to overflow with sugary candies, sour sweets and my all time favorite treat: chocolate.

You mean all I have to do is say “Trick-or-Treat” and grown-ups will give me free candy? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Little did I know at the time, the fun I was having that night was at the expense of children on the other side of the world who were receiving anything but a good deal. Kids like myself were being forced into child labor to harvest the cocoa that would eventually end up in my Halloween chocolate. The practice of using children and trafficked workers is unfortunately still happening today. Unfair commodity prices mean cocoa farmers in West Africa struggle with poverty and the world’s biggest chocolate companies have done the bare minimum to stop it.

At Fairtrade, we fight for farmers to get a fair deal so they can support their families, care for the environment and invest in the future.

Check out our favorite Fairtrade Halloween candy!

  • Lily's

    Lily's Sweets

    Although there are so many mouthwatering flavors of chocolate out there, I’ve always been a sucker for the sweetness of original milk chocolate. Lily’s Creamy Milk is the perfect take on the nostalgic treat with no added sugar and non-GMO ingredients.

  • Tony's Chocolonely Logo

    Tiny Tony's

    Tony’s Chocolonely is not only committed to making great tasting treats – they’re ultimate mission is to stop modern slavery and child labor. These bite sized chocolates come in a variety of flavors including Caramel Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, and their classic Milk Chocolate.

  • chocolate

    Divine Minis

    Another bite sized candy that is a must-try is Divine Chocolates’ Mini Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Did you know the chocolate company has made it their mission to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment for two decades now?

  • 4

    Endangered Species Candy Bars

    Creating Fairtrade treats isn’t the only thing Endangered Species Chocolates is passionate about. Over the past four years, they have given $2.1 million to support conservation efforts for endangered species and habitats. That’s why their delectable candy bars are animal themed! Kids will love the Lion Dark Chocolate and Rice Crisps bars as well as the Zebra Oat Milk and Dark Chocolate bars.

Discover more Fairtrade products to learn how you can make trade fairer for the people who grow our food.


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