Ethical brands worth celebrating this Father’s Day

18 May 2023   |   Caly McCarthy, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Lingra Raj Nag and his mother work outside processing vegetables and placing them in woven baskets. Nearby are Lingra Raj’s two young children.
Lingra Raj (left), a member of the Bansal Organic Grower Group is a cotton farmer in Odisha, India. He is pictured here with his mother (right) and children (center).

As Father’s Day approaches (Sunday, June 18th!), you may very well be seeking a special gift for your dad. And there are so many options to choose from…Looking for ideas that delight the recipient and honor the producer? When you choose a Fairtrade certified gift, you are participating in a system of trade that supports people and planet through strong social, environmental and economic standards. Let’s explore some Fairtrade options that might just fit the bill for your Father’s Day celebrations.

4 brands with Fairtrade products we’re excited about:

  • A set of green socks with tan stripes rests upon yellowy moss. The label on the socks reads: “Conscious Step: Socks that plant trees.”

    Conscious Step

    Conscious Step is all about supreme comfort, ethical and sustainable production and designs that make you smile–while simultaneously supporting causes and communities you care about. How? Through donations to non-profit partners with the purchase of every pair of socks. With well over a dozen causes (including but not limited to: educating kids, supporting mental health and protecting endangered species), we bet you’ll find one that resonates with the dad you seek to gift.

    Oooh, cool! Socks that plant trees from Conscious Step
  • A package of sweet espresso whole bean Ethical Bean Coffee rests upon a wooden plate and is surrounded by coffee beans. The package includes both the Fairtrade Mark and USA organic labels.

    Ethical Bean

    Ethical Bean was born in 2003–but the idea started brewing in 1999 when co-founders Kim and Lloyd spent some time in Guatemala awaiting the adoption of their daughter. As they learned about the country’s culture, people and coffee industry, they were shocked by the sheer number of coffee farmers living below the poverty line. They believed there was a better, more equitable way to work with coffee farmers. There was! This year they celebrate 20 years of partnership with coffee farmers around the world.

    Buzz, buzz...Sweet espresso medium roast from Ethical Bean
  • Packages of red, yellow and blue napkins rest upon a wooden table surrounded by food. The package labels identify the products as Everyday Mini Napkins, a part of the Indi By Kishu Line. The package label includes the Fairtrade Cotton Mark.

    Kishu Baby

    Kishu Baby seeks a perfect balance between fashion and function. And fairness, too! Their Indi By Kishu Baby line includes muslin baby bibs, pacifier blankets, napkins and swaddles–and it’s all Fairtrade and GOTS certified organic.

    Neato! Everyday mini napkins from Kishu Baby
  • A tray of brownies rests on a counter amid a scene of coziness: glasses of milk, eyeglasses set on top of a book, and in the background, a package of Renewal Mill’s Upcycled Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix.

    Renewal Mill

    Renewal Mill is at the forefront of upcycled ingredients. They’ve built an entire portfolio of baking mixes sourced from places in the food system where nutrition is being lost (think: okara, a byproduct of tofu and soymilk production that gets converted into flour). Their baking mixes are gluten-free and vegan–and they require only one bowl, some oil and a bit of water. And their dark chocolate brownies feature Fairtrade cocoa. Father’s Day baking project, anyone?

    Yum! Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix from Renewal Mill


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