A Fairtrade Favorite Bake Sale

27 October 2017   |   The Fair Trade Bake Sale Team

In Fond du Lac, Wis., a town of 43,000 on the shores of Lake Winnebago, a fair trade movement is building. Activists and advocates have opened a fair trade market place, encouraged stores to carry fair trade goods, and have held regular events to build awareness. A Fair Trade Bake Sale this month by students at UW-Fond du Lac has put the school on the path to becoming a Fair Trade University.

We’re proud to salute Fair Trade champions like Kathy Strong-Langolf, the Special Events Coordinator at UW-Fond du Lac, and her students. This was just one of the many spectacular Fair Trade Bake Sales that helped raise funds for good causes and made a difference for Fairtrade farmers and workers.


The Goals:

Kathy set out two important goals when planning her bake sale:

They planned their Fair Trade Bake Sale in conjunction with the Fond du Lac Fair Trade Film Festival, which featured the documentary Connected by Coffee, an informative film that follows how coffee crowers from Central America make social change. That’s right, baked treats, a movie! What an expertly planned Fair Trade Bake Sale!

The Goodies:

One thing that made the bake sale such a stand-out was the selection of Fairtrade products that were on offer. Samples of Equal Exchange Coffee were offered with the purchase of a cookie, and the options were plenty. The bake sale team offered a delicious spread of Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal-Flavored Women’s Bean Project cookies. Yum!

Empowering Leaders:

The most outstanding aspect to this bake sale was how organizers used it to empower future fair trade champions. The students who participated in organizing their Fair Trade Bake Sale learned skills that will prepare them to make impactful change in the future. Skills included learning how to organize and plan an event, schedule time for tasks and kitchen use, and market their event all while building awareness for a cause they believe in. Thanks to Kathy and the Fond du Lac team, tomorrow’s activists will be well prepared to change the world!

A Fair Trade Salute!

Thanks to all of their hard work building awareness, the organizer at UW-Fond du Lac is the winner of the University Bake Sale Challenge with a prize of a year’s supply of Divine Chocolate. All of us at the Fair Trade Bake Sale team send a big round of applause to Kathy, the Fond du Lac Fair Trade College Campaign, Film Society, and the Multicultural Club for hosting such an outstanding bake sale and sharing their story with us.

Happy Baking,

The Fair Trade Bake Sale Team

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