Earthquake in Ecuador

20 April 2016   |   CLAC

On Saturday, an earthquake rocked Ecuador. The following message comes from the Fairtrade Producer Network of Latin America, the CLAC, reposted on our site in solidarity with all the Fairtrade farmers and workers who have been affected.


On Saturday the 16th of April, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude shook Ecuador, leaving according to the estimates given until today more than 400 dead, 1700 missing and over 2,500 injured people and many households and infrastructure have been partially or completely destroyed.

The epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 20 kilometers and about 28 km of the Ecuadorian coast near Muisne, in the Manabi province, northwest of the country; According to the National Seismic Network, with magnitudes more than 230 aftershocks of magnitudes between 3.5 and 6.1. have happened in the three days following the earthquake, incrementing the damage and slowing rescue efforts.

The Ecuadorian government declared a national emergency and states of emergency in the provinces of Santa Elena, Manabi, Esmeraldas, Guayas, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and Los Rios; regions closest to the epicenter and most affected by the earthquake. Reported victims come mainly from coastal towns, such as Manta, Portoviejo or Pedernales.

CLAC expresses its solidarity with Ecuador, its population in general and in particular with the families of the victims and all those who at this moment are suffering human and material losses. In the most affected provinces, we also wish to extend our warm and full readiness to support small producer organizations (SPOs) and Fairtrade workers’ associations members of the Fairtrade Ecuadorian Platform (CECJ) and CLAC.

We were notified that the small producers’ organizations affected are: COCPE, FORTALEZA DEL VALLE, FONMSOEAM, and UOPROCAE. They are currently assessing the damage both in terms of the organizations as well as with their families.

There are structural damages to the infrastructure of the organizations, to the roads and highways, as well as serious damages to the rural families’ households. There is the possibility of using part of the Fairtrade premium to meet the short-term needs that have arisen from this disaster. Our field facilitators informed us that organizations in the area are already holding meetings in order to take the necessary measures.

We want to communicate our closeness to all the families of our members and support the Fairtrade Ecuadorian Platform (CECJ) in the actions to be taken at the national level. Our aim is to channel support and solidarity of all of our friends within the Fair Trade Movement, as well as any other people or organizations wishing to contribute to the reconstruction efforts at the local level.

If you want to support Fairtrade organizations that have been affected, you can send your contributions to the bank account of the Fairtrade Ecuadorian Platform (details below) or contact them at

Lots of strength and courage to all the people of Ecuador!

For donations, please transfer the resources to the following bank account:

Bank name: Banco Bolivariano

Address: Bolívar entre Bernardo Valdivieso y 10 de agosto, Loja, Ecuador.

Telephone: (593-7) 2570946 – FAX: (593-7) 2570945 ext. 102

Current account: 1405008057

AVA: 026005092


Intermediary bank: WACHOVIA BANK

BENEFICIARIO: “CECJ” Coordinadora Ecuatoriana de Comercio Justo.



For updates from the CLAC, follow them on Twitter: @CLACnetwork

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