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12 May 2017   |   Mary Linnell-Simmons - Marketing & Communications Manager at Fairtrade America
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You know what’s great? When someone you work with says, “Hey, we want to help spread the word about that thing you care about.”

That’s exactly what our friends at Nature’s Path did. For World Fair Trade Day, they asked me to write a blog post about a very specific topic – why do businesses choose Fairtrade certification?

Well, it’s a great question – that’s for sure! At Fairtrade America, we help businesses decide if Fairtrade certification is right for them every day. Companies consider so many things when they’re making their products, and ecolabels – those little symbols on packaging that signify something “good” about an item – are just one of them. With so many logos, marks, seals and stamps out there, it can be confusing for a shopper, let alone a manufacturer, to choose what is best.

So, for Nature’s Path, we answered some of the most common questions businesses have when they consider if ethical sourcing is right for them. These include:

  • Who or what benefits from Fairtrade certification?
  • Why get Fairtrade certified?
  • How does a business become Fairtrade certified?
  • What can shoppers do?
  • Hop on over to their wonderful blog to check out the answers to these questions.
  • Have a burning question about Fairtrade? Pop it into the comments below and maybe we’ll write a post about it just for you!

Image source: Nature’s Path

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