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10 November 2020   |   Melissa Weinstein, Fairtrade America Marketing Coordinator
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How do you practice self care? For me, it’s more than just doing a yoga flow or washing my face. Self care means paying attention to my mental and emotional well being. I often struggle with the need to constantly be productive. Whether that means getting extra work done around the house, catching up with a friend, or going for a run, I feel guilty when I sit still.

Now – more than ever – as the cold creeps in and the winter months approach, it’s so important to give yourself a break. It’s okay to cancel your Zoom catch-up and treat yourself to a cozy night in. It’s okay to unplug and relax. But most importantly, it’s okay to be kind to yourself.

Here are a few of our favorite Fairtrade ways to soak up some self care this season

  • sheets with pup

    Looma Bedding

    Turn on your favorite podcast and snuggle up with the softest sheets ever from @loomahome. Their sustainable organic cotton means you’ll rest assured knowing your bedding is ethically sourced.

  • socks

    Conscious Step Socks

    Slip on those grey sweatpants and a toasty pair of @consciousstep socks for the ultimate comfort outfit. Each pair supports a cause you believe in, so feel free to choose from socks that save dogs, socks that fight for equality, socks that feed children, and so many more.

  • nut butter

    Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

    Did I mention self care includes being kind to your taste buds? Nibble on some pumpkin spice muffins with @onceagainnutbutter chocolate hazelnut spread. This gluten-free treat is the perfect topping for any sweet snack.

  • 4

    Sun Alchemy’s Mocha Latte

    @sunalchemy‘s Mocha Latte is a must have for your cozy all-night Netflix binge. This comforting sweet drink is quick to make and will be sure to warm you up even on the most frigid days. Just add water, blend and enjoy!

Find out more ways to get cozy with Fairtrade by searching our other products here.

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