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24 August 2021   |   Emilee Lamb, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Q&A with noops founder Gregory Struck

If a personal battle for health and the experience of parenting have taught Gregory Struck one thing, it’s that what we eat matters – for ourselves, for others, and for our planet.

We talked with the founder of noops to learn about his brand’s commitment to an ethical supply chain as part of their mission to help America snack better. The cocoa used in their delicious puddings is Fairtrade certified, meaning that you can feel good about indulging in their protein-packed, plant-based treats knowing that not only is it good for your body, it’s also doing good for farmers and workers around the world.

“We absolutely want to have a product that is really good for everyone that’s involved in it… So a company like Fairtrade absolutely fit into that ethos for us.”

-Gregory Struck, founder of noops

Take a listen below to our conversation with Gregory to get the scoop on this new Fairtrade brand, and join the snack revolution by picking up noops in a retailer near you and following @eatnoops on Instagram.


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