Camp with Dad this Father’s Day

10 June 2019   |   Jason Sanches, Events & Campaigns Manager

Summer is just about to begin and camping season is in full swing. Father’s Day is also right around the corner so what better way to spend quality time with dad than camping in Fairtrade style? Fuel your Father’s Day camping trip with this ethically-sourced gear.

Chocolate (For S’mores of course)

The Fairtrade Scout Handbook states “It’s not Camping without Fairtrade Chocolate S’Mores.” Thankfully, there are lots of ethical options available to make the perfect s’mores for your camping trip with dad. For a classic s’more with dad, you have to get Divine Chocolate’s Seriously Smooth Milk Chocolate. It seriously is smooth and will melt just right on your graham cracker. Available at and locally.chocolate

Use promo code DAD2019 on Divine’s Online Store for 10% off Divine Chocolate this Father’s Day!


If your new woodland surroundings have you feeling extra adventurous, top your s’mores with Tony Chocolonely’s new limited-edition flavors like their Milk Chocolate Hazelnut. Available at your local store .

Tonys chocolate

Fuel Your Hike – And Your Brain!

Camping out under the stars is a magical experience, but getting your morning cup of Fairtrade coffee isn’t as easy when you’re away from your fancy French press or the local shop that brews your mocha juuuust right. Fear not. One of our newest Fairtrade brands, Sun Alchemy, released a new line of drinks that are “Adventure-Ready, Functional Brews” handy for just this situation.

Sun Alchemy’s Cognitive Coffee brew is richly blended with brain fuel like MCT oil, lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms. The perfect way to kick-off a day of activity with dad.

Sun Alchemy’s Mushroom Coffee, brewed with high-altitude Arabica beans and crafted with a fatigue-reducing chaga and cordycep mushroom extracts blend is meant to keep you focused and eliminates that pesky caffeine crash associated with coffee.

Finally, their Mocha Latte blends delicious high-quality cocoa powder and organic coconut milk. It promises to focus the mind while delivering a creamy chocolaty pick-me-up.

These Fairtrade energy boosts just need hot water to brew and you’re all set! You can find Terra Soul’s Sun Alchemy on and Amazon.

Fairtrade Bananas – The Perfect Snack

Pack a bunch of Fairtrade bananas on your camping trip for on-the-go snacking. Fairtrade bananas are THE perfect snack. Need convincing?

‘Nuff Said! You can find Fairtrade bananas at your local co-operative or in the produce section at your favorite grocery store – and if your store doesn’t have Fairtrade bananas – ASK THEM!

Speak with your produce manager and suggest they stock Fairtrade bananas so their farmers get a better deal for the work they do growing the perfect Fairtrade snack. Your voice matters, use it to make a difference!

Make this Father’s Day memorable and dive into nature with a Fairtrade camping trip or day hike. Whether it’s your dad, a friend’s dad, a spouse or a father figure – have a happy Father’s Day!

On a coffee farm in El Balsamo Arriba, San Juan de Rio Coco, a member of PRODECOOP coop.collects dried coffee beans ready for transport to the coffee warehouse.

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