‘B’ is for Benefit, Businesses doing Better

18 May 2017   |   Kyle Freund, Digital Content Manager, Fairtrade America

or many, the only measure of success in business is maximizing profit, but a growing crop of companies is putting social and environmental issues on an equal footing with B Corps and Fairtrade.

Maybe you’ve seen the B Corps logo on the website of your favorite brands, like Ben & Jerry’s or Method cleaning products. B Corps certifies companies that are committed to solving social and environmental problems. There are over 2,000 certified B Corps in 50+ countries around the globe.

The certification is one of the highest standards for corporate social responsibility and they work with companies across 130 industries. When you see that ‘B’, it means that the company has met rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

B Corps + Fairtrade = Big Impact

A number of companies that produce Fairtrade certified products have pursued B Corps certification. Getting B Corps certified is complimentary to certifying Fairtrade products with Fairtrade America.

“Last year when we decided to become a B Corps, we realized how much we’ve done in coffee over the years,” Paul Katzeff, President of Thanksgiving Coffee in Fort Bragg, California. “B Corps helped us enshrine that companywide commitment to people and the environment in our business.”

The combination of business certification through B Corps and Fairtrade certified products help companies zero in on sustainability goals and become even more mission-driven.

“We believe that doing good and creating positive change in the world are business goals every bit as worthy as making a profit,” said Shamini Dhana, founder of Dhana, a B Corps organization that produces Fairtrade cotton clothing. “B Corps inspire us to compete not only to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world.”

Check out some of the other B Corps that produce certified Fairtrade products:

  •  Ben & Jerry’s
  • Ethical Bean Coffee Company
  • Dhana, Inc.
  • Divine Chocolate USA
  • Navitas Organics
  • Organic India
  • Thanksgiving Coffee Company
  • Tony’s Chocolonely

For some background on other labels you’ll see on Fairtrade products, check out this link!


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