Another way forward is possible: Reflections on COP26 draft agreement

10 November 2021   |   Mary Kinyua, Chair of Fairtrade Africa

Responding to the publication of the first draft of the COP26 agreement, Fairtrade’s Head of Delegation at COP Mary Kinyua, who is a flower producer from Kenya, said:

Mary Kinyua from Fairtrade Africa stands with Congressmen Beyer and Blumenauer at COP26.
On November 10th, Mary Kinyua shared an open letter from Fairtrade producers encouraging global leaders to be fair with their climate promises with Representative Don Beyer (D-Va.) and Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) at the COP26 Climate Summit

‘I’m here in Glasgow to represent 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers who are following the climate talks and calling for critical action from our world leaders. As we near the final corner, it’s vital that governments don’t lose this opportunity to make sure COP26 delivers.

‘While it contains some elements of progress, the current draft of the COP26 negotiation outcome, which we’ve seen today, suffers from an overwhelming lack of commitment. Right now, commitments from governments remain far short of what scientists say is needed to keep warming below dangerous levels.

‘Unless this changes we are on course for a 2.4C rise, which would be devastating for Fairtrade farmers and workers like myself, and devastating for humanity. The time for government posturing has passed: we desperately need to see a clear, ambitious plan for cuts that give us a fighting chance of averting climate catastrophe.

‘As Fairtrade farmers and workers, we are encouraged to see that the draft agreement reminds richer countries of the critical need to mobilize finance for low-income countries on the sharp end of the climate crisis. But merely providing $100bn a year by 2023 is not soon enough: this money needs to reach climate vulnerable communities and it needs to reach them now – including our fellow farmers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean who grow much of the world’s food supplies. Another way forward is possible. Fairtrade farmers and the businesses they work with are already investing in transforming their farms and supply chains for a zero-carbon future. We call on governments to be brave too, and deliver on their promises in the hours and days remaining.’

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