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29 January 2018   |   Kyle Freund, Media Manager, Fairtrade America
Woman picking tea leaves
Kenyan tea grower Monicah Muthoni Maina. Photo by Ola Höiden

You’re a conscious consumer and every Fairtrade purchase you make helps! But did you know you can extend your impact by supporting organizations that assist communities where Fairtrade happens?

At Fairtrade, we work in developing countries where the average income is often below $2 a day. While selling on Fairtrade terms has a big impact for farmers, it’s not the only way to combat systematic poverty – community organizing and support from other organizations are very important too.

Here’s a handy list of non-profits doing good in the communities where Fairtrade works, further improving the lives of farmers, workers and their families.

Catholic Relief Services Ethical Trade

CRS Ethical Trade makes targeted, high-impact development grants that help farmers and artisans adapt to climate change and improve access to markets. In addition, it supports critical education and advocacy initiatives in the US.

The Coffee Trust

The Coffee Trust works with coffee producers and their families in the Ixil region of Guatemala. They help communities as they invest in projects based on their priorities, values, and culture.


For many coffee farming families, seasonal hunger is a difficult reality. Food4Farmers works with cooperatives and other organizations in coffee-farming communities to address the root causes of seasonal hunger and help implement community-led solutions to food security problems.

Grow Ahead

Grow Ahead is a new crowdfunding platform to support and stand in solidarity with small farmers around the world as they address the challenges of climate change in their communities. They work with a number of Fairtrade cooperatives in Central America.

Heifer International

Heifer is a familiar non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities to end world hunger and poverty.

International Labor Rights Forum

The ILRF is a human rights organization that advances dignity and justice for workers in the global economy. They work with trade unions, faith-based organizations, and community groups to support workers and their families.

Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief is a nonprofit organization that helps families in the world’s poorest communities build the resilience they need to thrive. Their Ground Up Coffee and Cocoa initiative focuses on helping coffee and cocoa farming families improve their livelihoods.

Those are just a few examples! What’s your favorite non-profit organization to support? List it in the comments below.

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