5 Minutes for Fair Trade Fashion

7 December 2017   |   Professor Shireen Musa, Fashion Institute of Technology

Shireen Musa has seen an increase in students at the Fashion Institute of Technology having an interest in fair trade fashion. She’s currently conducting research on this topic and needs your help.
Do you support fair trade fashion?

If so, take this 5 minute survey – you could help companies and academics understand how to increase consumer demand for ethically-made clothing and homegoods.

As a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, I have worked hard to raise awareness of sustainability in supply chains through my teaching and through organizing events. The fashion industry accounts for about $2 TRILLION annually, yet less than 1% of that is fair trade.

I want to dig into this to better understand. Please take 5 minutes to take my survey (all responses are anonymous), and help me uncover more information about fair trade fashion. Your support is greatly appreciated!

For some more information about Shireen’s sustainability efforts at FIT, read her blog. We hope to be reporting back with some of the results from this survey. Make sure you follow our blog to keep updated.

Want to know more about Fairtrade’s work in the fashion industry? Read this blog by Nazma Aktar, a garment worker and human rights activist.


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