4 Ways to #Stand4Fairness

6 April 2018   |   the World Fair Trade Challenge International Team
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It’s time again for the world’s biggest Fairtrade celebration!


World Fair Trade Day happens every year on the second Saturday in May. But, of course, as a Fairtrade champion you already knew that! This day is a time for Fairtrade fans from around the globe to make a stand and show others the importance of treating the people who grow our food with respect and fairness.

Do you agree? Do you believe that we have the power to create a fairer and more just world?

If so, join us! From your home, school or workplace in the US, #Stand4Fairness with millions of people around the world on May 12th – it’s easy!


4 Ways to #Stand4Fairness

  1. Upload a photo to Instagram using the hashtag #Stand4Fairness. Bonus points if you play on something to do with the number four – 4 chocolate bars, 4 bananas, 4 cups of coffee. Even 4 Fairtrade champions (that means you and 3 other beautiful souls)!
  2. Invite friends over for a Fairtrade coffee break. Choose a smooth and delicious Fairtrade certified coffee from this list and ask your friends, “do you love coffee?” We know we do, but if coffee farmers can’t earn a living wage, we won’t have much to drink in the future. Talking about it now is a great step forward.
  3. Treat your school or office (or yourself, we won’t tell!) to a unique flavor of Fairtrade chocolate. You will seriously be the most popular person wielding a stapler that day!
  4. Sign up to our e-newsletter list to get a steady dose of Fairness into your inbox.

Show the world you #Stand4Fairness

Visit www.fairtradechallenge.org to learn more, download campaign materials, or even register for an event and appear on our global Map of Fairness!



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