3 Tips to Live (and Give) with Purpose this Season

7 December 2016   |   Rachel Spence, Engagement Manager, Fair Trade Federation

his holiday season, how can you bring greater meaning to your life and share it with those around you? Rachel Spence of the Fair Trade Federation shares a few tips on living and giving with purpose this year.

This holiday season we are all more conscious of the values of the companies we support.  Our purchasing power allows us to have voice, especially during the holidays. Shopping fair trade is just one way that we can live – and give – with purpose this season.


Find a few of our favorite ways to live with purpose below:

Volunteer for organizations that you believe in

We can take action by giving our time to causes we are passionate about, such as the fight against climate change and ensuring rights for all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and nationalities.

By finding local organizations that take volunteers or getting involved in the political campaigns and local government, we can strive to make sure that these rights will be protected in the future.

Donate to non-profits that are working to create change

How can you have a hand in contributing to and protecting social progress? We have found that even 10 or 20 dollars can go a long way to organizations that are supporting human rights, among many other issues.

Non-profits working to create social change have seen increased donations, including the International Refugee Assistance Project, National Resources Defense Council, Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Planned Parenthood. Internationally, groups like Doctors Without Borders, La Via Campesina or Heifer International are spreading peace and opportunity. What’s your favorite non-profit?

Be sure that you read up on the organizations that you support. We like using tools like Guidestar to find great non-profits doing great work.

Look for companies committed to making a difference

We use our purchasing power to support companies that reflect our values, especially during the holidays, even when shopping in the grocery store or purchasing gifts for friends and family.

  • Fair Trade Federation Holiday Gift Guide: Fair Trade Federation members are U.S. and Canadian businesses that make a commitment to respecting the environment, supporting small scale artisans and farmers, and celebrating cultural diversity.  If you share these values, we invite you to make fair trade a new holiday tradition.
  • Shopping at a local fair trade store or café in your state: We love to support local small businesses, especially those with a fair trade mission. Buying fair trade helps both local and global communities.

Share how you live and give with purpose! for our holiday edition TwitterChat on December 12th at 2pm ET. Join the Fair Trade Federation, Fairtrade America  and Ten Thousand Villages 

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