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Fairtrade and Amazon

Amazon has announced their new Climate Pledge Friendly filter, allowing shoppers to see at a glance if a product meets Amazon’s new sustainability criteria. Fairtrade International is the only fair trade certification selected because of our rigorous economic, social and environmental standards.

Using the trust of certifications like Fairtrade…we hope to simplify it for the customer. When they see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge they know they can trust it. If they drill down deeper (which they can), they can see exactly which certifications the products have and what they mean.

Dr Cyrus Wadia, Head of Sustainable Product, Amazon

What is the Climate Pledge Friendly Program?

Amazon’s new Climate Pledge Friendly program makes it easy for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products. Customers will now see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on thousands of products which carry at least one sustainability certification that help preserve the natural world.

Out of the more than 500 certifications considered, Fairtrade is proud to be one of the 21 chosen to kick off the program in late 2020.

“We are incentivizing brands to take another look at how they make products, get it to market, and adding certifications to their products if they qualify. This really exciting because we think it will create an upward spiral and add rocket fuel to drive more demand for these types of certifications because we believe it’s great work and will move the entire system forward.” – Dr Cyrus Wadia, Head of Sustainable Product, Amazon

We did a webinar with Amazon, Lily’s Sweets and Sustainable Brands on this topic. Listen here.

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How do I sign up?

The Climate Pledge Friendly badge is one of many perks of being Fairtrade certified. After your license agreement is in place and your products are approved for sale, you will be officially eligible to be included. All you will need to do at that point is ensure that your data is up to date in our registration system, Connect.

From there, you can sit tight! Updates are made on a quarterly basis.