Monitoring Report – 10th Edition

10 January 2020
Boy drying cocoa
Photographer: Luca RINALDINI
By the Numbers

2017 Impact

In this 10th edition of the Fairtrade Monitoring Report, we share an update on the scale and impact of the Fairtrade International system in 2017.

Farmers and workers illustration

There were more than 1.71 million farmers and workers in Fairtrade Certified organizations in 2017.

Farmer harvesting plants illustration

The number of Fairtrade certified producer organizations grew by 13% from 2016 to 2017.

Supply chain data illustration

€188.8 Million was paid to Fairtrade producers in Fairtrade Premium.

Portrait of a Fairtrade cotton farmer in India
White cotton bolls on plant with flower in a green field.

Fairtrade works in low and middle income countries

In 2017, there were 1,599 certified Producer Organizations in 75 countries in the Global South. The vast majority (65%) of Fairtrade farmers and workers live in Africa and the Middle East while 20% are in Latin America and the Caribbean and 15% are in Asia and Asia Pacific. Half of all Fairtrade farmers produce coffee.

Since starting with Fairtrade it’s made a mega-revolution in our lives… We used to all live, cook and sleep in the same room.

Marcial Quintero, founding member of Coobana Cooperative a banana producer in Panama
Farmer in Papua New Guinea picks coffee cherries at his Fairtrade certified farm.
Close up of ripe coffee cherries

Making a tangible impact

On average, each Producer Organization received more than €118,000 in Fairtrade Premium in 2017. Farmers and workers get to democratically decide how this funding is distributed. We found that workers on plantations invested 50% of their Premium in education services and housing improvements, while Small Producer Organizations chose instead to invest in providing agricultural tools and inputs along with cash payments for farmers.

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