Dah Oho, cocoa farmer at the ECAKOOG cooperative

Meet Dah Ono

Dah Oho is a 32-year-old mother of four and cocoa farmer at the ECAKOOG cooperative in Côte d’Ivoire. Cocoa farming is an important source of income for Dah and her family. Before getting involved with Fairtrade, Dah struggled with financial issues and worried over whether she would have enough money to send her children to school.


Investing at home

The extra money her co-op receives through the Fairtrade Premium goes back into resources for the community. With the Premium, her community invested in a new water tower that ensures they have consistent clean drinking water. Dah also receives regular income bonuses. While she’s making more money than she used to, sending four children to school is expensive. Dah has peace of mind knowing that she can take out a loan from the co-op if she ever needs to.

“Before joining the cooperative, I had many difficulties,” says Dah. “Everything is getting better and better since I joined the cooperative. A lot has changed, and I am very happy about it.”

Big dreams ahead

The co-op also provides Dah and other farmers with the training and support they need to maintain thriving cocoa farms. But Dah has other ambitions in mind. I want to be a businesswoman,” says Dah. She plans to start a business in addition to cocoa farming to earn enough to build her family a new house.

Even under the cooperative, Dah recounts that cocoa farming is not without its struggles. “Farmers are tired. They have to take care of the farm under the sun, in the rain. We’re always tired. So, pay enough for cocoa or there won’t be any more chocolate!” she says with a laugh.