One year in: how US shoppers are changing

19 April 2021   |   Kate Stritzinger, Digital Communications Manager
Fairtrade certified coffee sits next to a delicious cookie and a puzzle.

Demand for fair trade is on the rise

One year into the pandemic, it is clear that the world isn’t going back to business as usual. This moment of pause has forced many Americans to rethink their lives, their values and their habits.

We are excited to see that this time of reflection has turned into promising shifts towards a more sustainable future:



Those dollars add up, and so does your impact in producer communities: there is thus a wealth of stories to be communicated to your stakeholders, be they customers, employees or shareholders. Everyone wants to be associated with a business that is doing good and behaving responsibly.

Jennie Coleman, president, Equifruit, Inc.
What Fairtrade can do for you

Fairtrade is good for business

Fairtrade is the most recognized ethical label in the world. US shoppers know our green and blue logo, and reward brands who have it with loyalty.

We’re in this together

Fairtrade America partners with brands on the journey to certification and beyond. We can help with everything from finding a certified supply chain to marketing your newly certified product.

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