Ok, Ladies, Now Let’s Talk Caffeination!

3 March 2017   |   Kathleen McCoy, Events and Communications Assistant Manager

How your morning coffee can help support female workers globally

March 8th marks International Women’s Day as well as A Day Without A Woman. Organized by the same people who brought us the Women’s March on Washington, women across the country will stay home from work on Wednesday to highlight the impact of women on everyday society and call for more gender equality.

If you’re like us, your day will almost certainly start with some caffeine. As you grab your morning coffee, do you ever think about the female workers who helped to produce it? While women comprise an estimated 43% of the agricultural workforce globally, their work tends to go unpaid, and their yields are typically lower as a result of limited access to the tools they need.

When you purchase products that are Fairtrade certified, you help to ensure that the women involved in the production of these products are compensated more fairly, have a say in how businesses are run, and are empowered to make change within their community.

So on March 8th (and every day) #GrabYourWallet and support your sisters around the world by buying Fairtrade coffee, chocolate, and other products that help ensure gender equality. And for extra credit, get this Women’s Coffee from our friends at Kishe Coffee.

Check out our infographic below for some more stats about women and Fairtrade, and see our full list of Fairtrade certified products you can switch to today!

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