Choose Fairtrade. Choose the Planet. Toolkit

The Choose Fairtrade. Choose the Planet. campaign is connecting US businesses and shoppers with the realities of climate change in farming in their countries. Throughout the campaign we will raise awareness on the connection between trade justice and climate justice and the impact that shoppers/brands can make by choosing Fairtrade.

3 ways your brand can get involved

Planet on scale illustration

Talk about the impact that climate change has on farmers and workers.

Farmer harvesting plants illustration

Share real farmer stories

Highlight that shopping Fairtrade is one way to prioritize the planet

Campaign Content Calendar

Amplify the message

Each week of the Choose Fairtrade. Choose the Planet. campaign, we will be highlighting a different commodity. We encourage businesses to share their connection with people and the planet during their corresponding week! Feel free to use the messaging below, or get creative and make your own content.

Farmer Stories to Highlight

Farmers are already experiencing the effects of climate change. Shed light on the realities of this crisis and how real people are adapting to this changing world.