Fairtrade America team standing (in banana costumes!) in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Our People

Fairtrade International is the most recognized fair trade system spanning over 100 countries worldwide. The US team, Fairtrade America, is dedicated to making the world a more equitable and just place through fair and intentional trading practices that prioritize the people behind products we Americans use every day. We are an independent non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Beautiful pile of Fairtrade certified avocados.

We're here to help

Our friendly team, based in Washington, DC, is here to support your Fairtrade goals! Collaborate with us to certify your supply chain and use the Fairtrade Mark on your products. Lend your influencer status to amplify the noise about #Fairtrade on social media. Provide expert insights on the fair trade movement for your publication.


Our Team

Meg Buckley

Operations Coordinator

Michael Cakmes

Business Development Manager, Produce Specialist

Danette Edelen

Finance & Administrative Coordinator

Bryan Lew

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Linnell-Simmons

Director of Marketing

Abby Massey

Client Support Manager

Isabella Pacheco Morun

Development Manager, Sustainability & Partnerships, Beverage Product Specialist

Naledi Sekgapane

Licensing & Impact Coordinator

Kate Stritzinger

Digital Communications Manager

Stephanie Westhelle

Development Manager, Sustainability & Partnerships, Composite Product Specialist

Fairtrade creates strong relationships. It makes us become like a big family and I really appreciate that.

Kum, Coffee Farmer from Papua New Guinea