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It's Only Fair

How long would you work for $1? For many cocoa farmers in West Africa the answer is an entire day. But $1 isn’t enough to live on. We believe that everyone deserves a decent standard of living. It’s only fair to pay a price that covers basic needs and supports an existence worthy of human dignity.

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It's only Fair

We must do more

Because of unfair trading practices, many farmers and workers around the world don’t earn a living income regardless of how hard they work. This extreme poverty leads to other problems like deforestation and child labor. Farmers are forced to answer unthinkable questions, like “Should I preserve this forest? Or should I clear it to feed my family?”

How do you make a difference?

A fairer deal makes a difference

Hear from farmers about the impact that trading on Fairtrade terms has on their daily lives and their communities.

About Fairtrade America

We are the US branch of Fairtrade International – a network of nearly 2 million farmers and workers, 2,400+ businesses and countless shoppers worldwide. We work to create a world where all farmers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods so that they can thrive and have the freedom to decide on their own futures.

We do this by supporting and challenging US businesses to prioritize the people and places that are behind the products we use every day. By improving the terms of trade – a notorious driver of inequality – we put money back in the hands of farmers and workers, which they choose how to spend.