Tools to have a conversation

There’s one simple first step you can take to make an impact: talk about Fairtrade with your loved ones. Just one conversation can have a positive ripple effect on others around the globe. Check out our resources to help you have that conversation with loved ones.

Share our video playlist with friends and family.

We believe that everyone deserves a decent standard of living. It’s only fair to pay a price that covers basic needs and supports an existence worthy of human dignity. But because of unfair trading practices, many farmers and workers around the world struggle to put food on their own tables regardless of how hard they work. This simply isn’t fair — and everyone needs to know.

Have a conversation in person

We created this card to give you actionable tips and tricks to have a respectful and productive conversation about Fairtrade. You can start by sharing the “Fairtrade facts” side of the card with friends and family to help spark that conversation. The right side of the card has helpful things to keep in mind when talking about Fairtrade. Remember, no conversation will be perfect!

Other tools to join the conversation

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    Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @FairtradeMarkUs. We’ll be sharing out videos, facts, and stats about what cocoa farmers are facing and what you can do to support the Fairtrade movement. Please tag us when you reshare and let all your followers know about Fairtrade!

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  • Download our conversation card

    Want to have an in-person conversation about Fairtrade? We’ve got you covered. Our downloadable “tools to have a conversation” card will help you prepare for to have a productive, respectful, and thoughtful conversation with folks in your life.

    Download the card

Ways to incorporate Fairtrade into your life

Supporting Fairtrade doesn’t have to stop once you’ve shared our videos, talked about it with your friends and family, or followed us on social media. Use our resources below for other ways to incorporate Fairtrade into your daily life!