Choose Fairtrade. Choose the Planet.

It's time for change. Since trade began, people have always been exploited. But it doesn't have to be this way. We can choose to create a world where trade is fair, where all people have a decent life and where we collectively adapt to the reality of climate change - together.

Whether you are a shopper considering a product, or a business considering your sourcing, choosing Fairtrade is making a sustainable choice for both people and the planet.

Climate change is already affecting real farmers

Listen to farmers

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All month, we will be shedding light on the impact that climate change is having on real farmers and workers around the world. Join us in bearing witness to this reality and in standing up with farmers so that we can all have a sustainable future.

Fairtrade collaborates directly with farmers

We take a holistic approach to all of our work – and our climate related work is no exception. We fight for the planet through rigorous standards (25% of which are related to the environment), increasing farmer resources through our unique pricing model, and by connecting farmers to best practices.

Fairtrade farmer tends coffee plants in a greenhouse in Kenya.
Climate Academy

Adapting together

Fairtrade farmers are part of a network of nearly 2 million farmers & workers that are battling many of the same climate related challenges. Connecting farmers to each other, to regional experts in Producer Networks and outside partners accelerates collaborative adaptation and mitigation.

Over the past three years,10,000 coffee farmers in Kenya participated in training through the Fairtrade Climate Academy. From farming techniques to converting to renewable energy to raising awareness among community leaders, this program has had a tangible impact on both the success of the farms and the lives of the people who cultivate coffee.

Make Fairtrade part of your daily life