Pile of green bananas

Coming soon to Minneapolis!

We are thrilled to share the story of Johnny Gabriel Navas Aquim, a banana farmer from Ecuador, through the artwork of Reggie LeFlore in collaboration with the Wedge Community Co-op in Minneapolis!

This mural will be launched on Friday, October 1, 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

Muralist, Reggie LeFlore
Yellow bananas with the blue and green Fairtrade Mark
The Artist

Reggie LeFlore

Reggie LeFlore is an artist and visual storyteller who focuses on human portraiture, specifically “everyday people.” His work features vibrant colors and contemporary elements that aim to capture the energy and spirit of his subjects.

Reggie is inspired by Johnny and his fellow farmers who work hard to improve their quality of life and take care of their communities. He is proud to partner with Fairtrade America on this mural project to create a connection between the people of Minneapolis and those who provide the food staples we enjoy on a daily basis.

The Location

Wedge Community Co-op

Twin Cities Co-op (TCCP) connects the Minneapolis community to local growers, suppliers, farmers and producers through healthy, sustainable, ethically produced goods. Its mission is to provide access to real food made by real people to make a difference in people’s lives, for the local community and for the planet.

Through partnerships and grants, TCCP has built community gardens, supported farmer’s markets, brought local produce into public schools and supported food justice organizations in the Twin Cities. TCCP’s space has always served as a gathering place; here to nourish bodies and lives.

This mural is located at TCCP’s Wedge location in at 2105 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55405.