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Fairtrade Wine Farmers and Workers

Wine is one of the most popular drinks across the globe and has been produced for thousands of years.

Fairtrade Cocoa Farmers

Chocolate is undoubtedly among the world’s favorite treats — but growing the beans that go into our bars isn’t quite so straightforward.

About Cocoa

Cocoa farming provides a livelihood for around six million people worldwide, while Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire alone produce 60% of global supply.

Fairtrade Tea Farmers and Workers

From a crop grown in China for medicinal purposes 5,000 years ago to today’s billion-dollar industry, tea is appropriately steeped in history.

About Tea

Tea is mainly grown on large estates but the crop is also cultivated on plots of land owned by smallholder farmers.

Fairtrade Coffee Farmers

Coffee is the beverage that kick-starts the day for many of us – and it is a product that some 125 million people around the world depend on for their livelihood.

About Coffee

Coffee is undeniably one of the world’s most popular drinks. But how often do we think about the people behind the beans?

Fairtrade Cotton Farmers

Cotton is the most important crop in the world’s textile industry, and has history as the globe’s oldest commercial crop.

About Cotton

Around 40 million farmers produce over 60% of the world’s cotton. Many of these farmers are among the poorest globally. 

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