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Can I add the Mark to my own business materials?

Yes, but all artwork must be sent to Fairtrade America for approval at questions@fairtradeamerica.org.  Please attach the artwork and detailing which Fairtrade certified products you are selling, their brand names, and your supplier. Please note that there are no “Fairtrade businesses,” only Fairtrade certified products.

How do I use the Mark on packaging?

You will need to be Fairtrade certified through FLOCERT in order to put the FAIRTRADE Mark on your packaging. Please email us at questions@fairtradeamerica.org to discuss packaging requirements or visit our For Business pages.

Where can I get campaigns materials?

We have a number of FREE campaigning materials that you can order by filling in this form.

Why do you call it the FAIRTRADE Mark?

We call our certification label the FAIRTRADE Mark so that it won't get confused with other Fairtrade logos. The FAIRTRADE Mark is the certification label that only goes on Fairtrade certified products. It has a black box around a round design of a person reaching up to the sky. If you are promoting Fairtrade products, please use the Mark.      On the contrary, if you are partnering with Fairtrade America, please use our logo, which looks similar, but it does not have a black box.

Can I add the FAIRTRADE Mark to my own campaign materials?

Yes, you can, as long as you are not using the resources for commercial purposes. Please send the artwork to questions@fairtradeamerica.org for approval before printing. If you are using the FAIRTRADE Mark for commercial purposes, please visit our business section. Download small low-res color FAIRTRADE Mark Download small low-res black and white FAIRTRADE Mark

How do I get the logos of Fairtrade companies?

If you would like to promote companies like Ben & Jerry’s that have Fairtrade certified products, please email them directly to obtain their logo. Check out a list of brands that sell Fairtrade certified products here. Please note that there are no “Fairtrade companies,” only Fairtrade certified products.

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