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We're kicking off this Fair Trade Month by partnering with Tony's Chocolonely – a Dutch chocolate company making waves in the US – to screen their powerful, funny, and inspiring film - The Chocolate Case. If you’ve watched documentaries like The True Cost, you’ll love The Chocolate Case. It follows the journey of Tony, an outraged Dutch journalist trying to get himself arrested for eating chocolate. What started as a stunt to draw attention to the very serious issues of child and slave labor in the cocoa industry becomes something more. It takes Tony on a trip around the world – from Europe to West Africa to the United States and back again. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll never ever look at chocolate the same way again.

Join with us this Fair Trade Month to shine a light on these issues!

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Movie Night Prep:

Join me on (date & time) at (location) for a movie night - Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars & discussion included!

The Chocolate Case traces the epic journey of Dutch journalists out to make the world’s first slave-free chocolate. The Huffington Post called it “Beautiful, insightful, educational and sublimely entertaining”, but you’ll have to see for yourself! Check out the trailer: Brought to you by Tony’s Chocolonely, Fairtrade America, and ME!

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  • Watch the Film: Access the full-length documentary right here from Monday, October 1st, 2018. Make sure your TV or projector can hook up to your computer. We recommend HDMI or VGA with audio outputs to make sure the sound comes through. 

Larger Screenings

Just like a movie night, but bigger!

If you want to host a bigger event – perhaps on campus, in your place of worship, in your community center, or somewhere else that’s larger than the average living room, get in touch! We’d love to support your efforts to spread the word about serious issues behind our chocolate. Get in contact with Jason Sanches at the Fairtrade America office to get FREE Fairtrade chocolate mailed to your group (while supplies last). Even better – if you are expecting over 100 people, we'll potentially send out a member of the Fairtrade team to lead a live Q&A after the film.

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