Featured Partner

Fairtrade America works with many forward-thinking brands both here in the US and abroad. To showcase some of the great work these companies do, we’ve launched the Fairtrade Featured Partner program.

Fairtrade Featured Partners

To better connect you with Fairtrade products we love, we’ll be regularly featuring a partner to highlight all the amazing things they’re doing with Fairtrade and beyond. Get excited for giveaways, limited edition products, information about the industry, exclusive coupons to use online and more! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the next Fairtrade Featured Partner (and snag some exclusive deals!).

Current Fairtrade Featured Partner: Nielsen-Massey

It’s baking season, which means it’s time to keep your pantry stocked with the best high-quality ingredients for your holiday goodies! Not sure what to look for? We’ve got you covered. We’re pleased to announce Nielsen-Massey Vanillas as our Featured Partner this month.

Neilsen-Massey Logo Sm

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas is well-known among chefs, but what is less well-known is their long history of commitment to the communities, plants & people who supply their ingredients. Check out our social media channels to hear about Nielsen-Massey’s relationship with Fairtrade, which allows their growers to empower themselves & earn a fair deal while providing premium ingredients.

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