Global Specialty Coffee Expo

Look for Fairtrade & FLOCERT in Booth #2601 at the Specialty Coffee Association's Global Specialty Coffee Expo and join us for a series of special events.

Washington State Convention Center

800 Convention Place

Attend classes, meet coffee enthusiasts from around the world, and get your caffeine fix at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo. Fairtrade America will be joined by Fairtrade International, Fairtrade Canada, CLAC, Fairtrade Africa, NAPP, and FLOCERT to answer your questions on sustainable sourcing. Be sure to join us for forthcoming special events.

Lecture: Laying the Groundwork for a Living Income - Strategies Across the Supply Chain

Research has shown that producing higher quality coffee – and more of it – does not necessarily result in better incomes for coffee farmers. The future of specialty coffee relies on ensuring that farmers and their families can not only survive, but thrive. Sustainability in coffee begins, first and foremost, by appreciating the economic circumstances of those producing it. Learn about several inter-connected perspectives on living income and profitability, and the ways that coffee-farming families – both current and future generations - are understanding and tackling their economic challenges alongside their trading and roaster partners.

  • Date & Time:  Saturday, April 21, 9-10:15am 
  • Room: TCC Tahoma 2 
  • Presenter(s): Merling Preza, General Manager, PRODECOOP | TJ Semanchin, Owner, Kickapoo Coffee | Victor Cordero Ardila, Manager, Red Ecolsierra | Peter W. Roberts, Academic Director, Transparent Trade Coffee & Grounds for Empowerment, Emory University 
  • Moderator(s): Alina Amador, Fairtrade International

Fairtrade Coffee Cupping

Join us for a Fairtrade Coffee Cupping and learn Fairtrade certified coffees from the farmers who grew them in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Saturday, April 21, 2018
4:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Room 620


Ice Cream Social

Join Fairtrade America and our friends from Ben & Jerry's for an ice cream social to benefit Food 4 Farmers, a non-profit helping coffee farming families address food security on their terms.


Other Fairtrade Coffee Cuppings

A number of countries are also featuring cuppings of Fairtrade coffees.

  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • El Salvador