Current Campaigns

Join our current campaigns and demand a fair deal for producers.

Fairtrade America works hard to spread the word that trade just isn’t fair. One way that people can change this is by choosing products with the FAIRTRADE Mark to know that the farmers and workers who produced them got a fairer deal.

Fairtrade America works with campaign groups, communities, farmer organizations and policy makers to fundamentally change the current trade system. In buying Fairtrade, you are demanding a better deal for farmers and workers. Your purchasing power helps highlight that businesses should source in a socially responsible way and consider the working conditions and wages of workers.

Fairtrade America also advocates for Sustainable Food. The organic farming movement in the US has gone a long way in raising awareness of the need for a responsible food system. Fairtrade encourages our farmers to seek organic certification, and organic farmers are paid a higher Fairtrade Minimum Price. Fairtrade goes beyond fair prices and good working conditions to help producers get the tools they need – like systems for integrated pest management and sustainable water management – to protect their land for future generations.

In addition to your everyday choices to be ethical, Fairtrade America encourages all our supporters to do more to spread the Fairtrade message during special times of the year. Click on the links below to find out how you can support Fairtrade during Fair Trade Month, World Fair Trade Day and the holidays.