Become a Fairtrade Champion

People like you are pushing to make our food and clothing sustainable. Get involved with Fairtrade by choosing Fairtrade coffee, sugar, chocolate, or bananas – and wearing ethical clothing. Done all that and still want to go deeper? Apply to be a Fairtrade Champion!

Fairtrade Champions are our hype team. They get their friends, family and coworkers excited about the work Fairtrade does for farmers, making business practices fairer , and the power of voting with our dollars.

As a Fairtrade Champion, you make a one-year commitment to spread the word about fair trade in your unique sphere of influence – whether that’s your workplace, community or campus. You’re unique, so your approach to being a Champion will be unique. Fairtrade America provides you with resources, support and delicious treats to get you started – it’s up to you to take fair trade into your world.

What you’ll do:

  • Share your passion for Fairtrade at work, school, or community groups
  • Spread the word online
  • Participate in national and local events

What you’ll get:

  • Exclusive subscription boxes full of Fairtrade treats
  • Fairtrade training and behind the scenes exclusive looks
  • One-click social media and advocacy resources
  • Event-in-a-Box guides
  • Fairtrade swag to keep and to share

Like what you see? Apply to be a Fairtrade Champion! (Application form coming soon.)

Case Studies

  • Alison Streacker

    Alison Streacker Fairtrade Champion

    Alison has been a fair trade activist since 2008, when she first learned about fair supply chains at Ohio State. Now she uses her passion to help Fairtrade producers in Latin America, as a Comms Manager at CLAC, one of Fairtrade’s producer networks.