Fairtrade Ambassador Sarah Wang

Sarah Wang is a clear advocate of equality for people and animals

Sarah Wang is a clear advocate of equality for people and animals in devoting her life to Public Health after her friend—a stranger at the time—told her how to save her dog from antibiotic resistance. As a result, she is devoting herself to advocating for the fair treatment of animals as a vegan. She promotes animals being raised without the malpractice of antibiotics, steroids, and overall, cruel upbringing and killing. Sarah Wang Headshot

Sarah is also invested in speaking for those in need through endorsing Fair Trade for farmers who work tirelessly to provide for themselves, their families, and consumers. As a result, Sarah is leading the club she presided, called Effective Altruism Club, to apply her 8 months of independent and holistic research on the nutritional information of the cafeteria at Irvine Valley College. She is proposing to integrate healthier food options like vegan foods and the Mediterranean diet along with Fair Trade products into the cafeteria to the Board of Trustees. She is also advocating for the school cafeteria to collaborate with local farmers to use less attractive produce that would typically be thrown out in her proposal to the Board of Trustees. Sarah is the first to do holistic research on the cafeteria to address the lack of enough healthier options since the cafeteria was established 30 years old ago. 

Her project would increase the health of students, support local farmers, and Fair Trade while diverting waste from reoccurring because America wastes about 30-40% of its food according to the USDA. Through expanding her project, she is focused on educating about nutrition and Fair Trade to encourage others to be more conscientious about their health and the situation of farmers in developing nations. In essence, she is currently working to create this model in hopes of expanding this to more schools to support health, endorse Fair Trade, and decrease the overall carbon emissions. 

Sarah is currently working on getting her B.A. in Public Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine before applying for law school to become a professor and later a policymaker to advocate for human and animal rights. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dogs and delving into meaningful conversations with friends.