Fairtrade Ambassador Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray is a plant and food enthusiast, as well as a social and environmental justice advocate. After researching Fairtrade in a food Justice class, she was immediately intrigued and knew she wanted to work to spread the Fairtrade mission and values.

Sarah is currently a student earning her B.S in Sustainable Food Systems and will go on to earn her M.A in International studies from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. Previous to attending university Sarah traveled, worked and volunteered through out Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka working to raise awareness of local environmental issues and to construct solutions for social impacts due to tourism and unremitting environmental issues. Throughout her travels she became aware that the people that were most food insecure were mostly the people working in our food systems and began working with Nonprofits such as Plastic Free Cambodia and Naga Earth. She quickly rooted her passions in the agriculture system and after finding out about fair trade at university, knew that the Fairtrade effort to make a difference in the lives of the people who grow our food was exactly where she wanted to put her passions. Sarah Gray Headshot

Now Sarah is working on an organic farm in the Upstate New York region for a growing season to understand the current conditions that farmers are facing and growing techniques that they are adapting to cope with environmental and social impacts. In addition to being on the farm, Sarah loves diving into local and seasonal products grown on the farm and cooking as a way to bring people together over a common love for food. If she’s not cooking or digging her hands into the soil you can find her mountain biking, playing soccer or enjoying a cup of Fairtrade coffee.