Ambassadors Hub: Resources & Activities

Here you'll find the resources you need to engage with civil society about Fairtrade as well as ideas for engaging with your community.

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Ambassador Activities

Suggested activities that Ambassadors can get involved in with Fairtrade's Help - These will be updated periodically with YOUR input.

Hold a Fairtrade Presentation

Get out there and speak about Fairtrade to your community. Whether it's your school, workplace, place of worship or local farmer's market. Once you're more confident in your Fairtrade knowledge, go out and educate on Fairtrade issues. Here's a great place to start.

Let Jason know if you're planning to speak about Fairtrade and he can support your talk by providing materials.

Demand Fairtrade in Your Community

Help make Fairtrade the norm and kick conventional products!

Grassroots demand for Fairtrade is one of the strongest tools in our toolbox. Do you have a favorite grocery store or coffee shop in your neighborhood that you wish had more Fairtrade options? Well let them know that Fairtrade is something that you as a shopper value by writing a review on Yelp or Google reviews asking for more Fairtrade options so you can support your favorite store while supporting Farmers and producers.

Example review:

I'm a big fan of this coffee shop, I come in every morning to jump-start my day with a latte and love the friendly staff and great vibes but one thing that would make this shop even better is if you offered Fairtrade coffee options. Coffee farmers perform intense labor to produce delicious coffee that we all enjoy each day. The prices that growers receive however are simply unsustainable and harm farmers selling their coffee at record low-prices. It's only right to make sure they get a fair price for their work so they can continue caffinating us into the future. Please consider sourcing some Fairtrade roasts!

Remember to always be respectful!

Convert Your Workplace or Classroom

We spend most of our time at the office or in school and as a consequence, do a lot of our consumption in these spaces. Your Fairtrade activism doesn't have to be checked at the door when you enter the workplace, speak to your colleagues about getting Fairtrade options in your office or classroom. From coffee and tea in the break room to the treats shared on Valentine's Day and birthday celebrations make a commitment as a workplace to source Fairtrade products.

Check out this list of Fairtrade Products for inspiration!

Write a Guest Blog

Are you a creative person looking to flex your writing muscles about issues you're passionate on? Or maybe you just want to share your killer Fairtrade Chocolate Fudge Recipe - We're always looking for Fairtrade advocates to write guest articles on the Fairtrade America Blog. Our blog content runs the gambit so don't be shy! Reach out to Jason.

Got a suggestion for how your fellow Ambassadors can get involved? Email Jason Sanches with your suggestion and we'll get it posted here.