Fairtrade Ambassador Alison Streacker

Alison has been a fair trade activist since 2008, when she first learned about fair supply chains at Ohio State. Now she uses her passion to help Fairtrade producers in Latin America, as a Comms Manager at CLAC, one of Fairtrade’s producer networks.

Fairtrade has become a big part of my life, personally and professionally. Paying farmers a fair price for their life’s work seems like common sense; but unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. Buying Fairtrade and living by its principles is just one way to make a difference… because farmers matter.

Alison Streacker

Fairtrade Ambassador

Alison has loved Fairtrade coffee since she started as a barista and education developer at Columbus’s Global Gallery Coffee Shop. She was a student at Ohio State at the time, and she used her voice through United Students for Fair Trade to get her fellow students excited about making a difference in the banana industry and advocate for fair supply chains.

Now Alison has made Fairtrade her career! After spending a year at the Fairtrade America office in Washington DC, Alison moved down to El Salvador to join CLAC – our Latin America & Caribbean Producer Network – working in communications, event management and data collection. Now, she supports coffee producers and other farmers so that they have the resources they need to better promote themselves and sell their products on Fairtrade terms.