Become a Fair Trade Ambassador

People like you are pushing to make our food and clothing sustainable. Get involved with Fairtrade by choosing Fairtrade coffee, sugar, chocolate, or bananas – and wearing ethical clothing. Done all that and still want to go deeper? 

Fairtrade America is looking for activists and influencers across the US to engage, motivate and mobilize their communities around Fairtrade issues. Apply today to become a Fair Trade Ambassador!

Fair Trade Ambassadors are our hype team. They get their friends, family and coworkers excited about the work Fairtrade does for farmers and educate on the power of voting with our dollars.

As a Fair Trade Ambassador, you make a commitment to spread the word about fair trade in your unique sphere of influence – whether that’s your workplace, community or campus. You’re unique, so your approach to being an Ambassador will be unique. Fairtrade America provides you with resources and support – it’s up to you to take fair trade into your world.

Ambassador Hub

Click the above link for Ambassador Resources & Activities!

What you’ll do:

  • Share your passion for Fairtrade at work, school, or community groups
  • Spread the word about Farmer Justice online in your sphere of influence
  • Help develop the future of the Fair Trade Ambassador's program
  • Train new Ambassadors in your area
  • Help Fairtrade connect with shoppers across the country
  • Write guest articles on Fairtrade America's blog
  • Participate in national and local events

What you’ll get:

  • Exclusive subscription boxes full of Fairtrade treats and goodies
  • Education and training on Fairtrade International's mission and structure
  • Behind the scenes exclusive looks into Fairtrade
  • Social media and advocacy resources
  • Event-in-a-Box guides
  • Fairtrade swag to keep and to share

Like what you see? Apply to be a Fair Trade Ambassador today by emailing Events & Campaigns Manager Jason Sanches.


Case Studies

  • Alison Streacker

    Alison Streacker Fair Trade Ambassador

    Alison has been a fair trade activist since 2008, when she first learned about fair supply chains at Ohio State. Now she uses her passion to help Fairtrade producers in Latin America, as a Comms Manager at CLAC, one of Fairtrade’s producer networks.

  • Anne Taylor Headshot Small

    Anne Taylor Fair Trade Ambassador

    Annie Taylor’s passion for both people and the planet has led her to become an environmental and social justice activist.

  • Eva Headshot

    Eva Zelarayan Fair Trade Ambassador

    Eva Zelarayan considers herself a fighter for social justice and freedom for those who can't fight for themselves.

  • June Cleary Headshot

    June Cleary Fair Trade Ambassador

    June firmly believes people should be treated equally and paid living wages for their hard work. She’s passionate about advocating for the human rights of those who may not have a platform to stand up for themselves.

  • Kathy Strong Headshot

    Fairtrade Ambassador Kathy Strong Langolf

    Kathy is an advocate for Fair Trade and believes any effort, small or large, is the step in the right direction to further the growing awareness both locally and beyond.


  • Kendra Penry-Clutter Fair Trade Ambassador

    Kendra Penry Clutter Fair Trade Ambassador

    Kendra Penry has worked in the nonprofit field for many years, including currently as the Houston Community Engagement Coordinator for Heifer International, an organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty while caring for our earth.

  • Kay Polly Headshot_1

    Khadijah Polly Fair Trade Ambassador

    Kay is an entrepreneur who's passionate about travel and Fair Trade.

  • Makeba Jones Headshot

    Makeba Adams Jones Fair Trade Ambassador

    Makeba’s soul purpose and soul mission is to empower and educate others to put an end to human trafficking.

  • Rachel Miner Headshot Small

    Rachel Miner Fair Trade Ambassador

    Rachel Miner has spent over 30 years in the theatre, film and television and has been working since she was an infant, steadily since age 9.

  • Sarah Gray Headshot

    Sarah Gray Fair Trade Ambassador

    Sarah Gray is a plant and food enthusiast, as well as a social and environmental justice advocate. After researching Fairtrade in a food Justice class, she was immediately intrigued and knew she wanted to work to spread the Fairtrade mission and values.

  • Sarah Wang Headshot_1

    Sarah Wang Fair Trade Ambassador

    Sarah Wang is a clear advocate of equality for people and animals

  • Tony Newsman Headshot

    Tony Newman Fair Trade Ambassador

    Fair-trade is something Tony’s been passionate about for over 5 years!

  • Veronica Smyth Headshot

    Veronica Smyth Fair Trade Ambassador

    Veronica is a Humanitarian at heart and believes that people are the world’s greatest resource. She believes in being a voice for the voiceless and her humanitarian heart is fueled by her love of people and her faith.