Get involved with the global Fairtrade effort

People across the US are wanting to know more and feel good about where their food comes from. Are you a warrior for fairness? Do you champion human rights? Do you advocate for sustainable food chains?


If the answer is yes, join us! Vote with your dollars for a fairer economy - purchase Fairtrade certified products like coffee, chocolate, bananas or fashion. Go further by signing up as an official Fairtrade Champion – an ambassador for our global movement. Find out more below. 

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    Become a Fairtrade Champion

    People like you are pushing to make our food and clothing sustainable. Get involved with Fairtrade by choosing Fairtrade coffee, sugar, chocolate, or bananas – and wearing ethical clothing. Done all that and still want to go deeper? Apply to be a Fairtrade Champion!

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    Featured Partner

    Fairtrade America works with many forward-thinking brands both here in the US and abroad. To showcase some of the great work these companies do, we’ve launched the Fairtrade Featured Partner program.

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