Conscious Step: Socks on a Mission

Conscious Step makes a product – socks – that everyone uses, and manufactures it in a way that helps the planet instead of harming it. As 1% for the Planet members, they also donate some of the revenue from each pair sold to causes like ocean conservation and tree planting.


Cotton socks


New York

Farmers & Workers

Indian cotton farmers & Jagmini Micro Knit Pvt. Ltd., India

Fairtrade Certified since



Conscious Step was created in 2013 to bring more awareness to the problems faced by the world today, both through the socks’ materials and the causes their patterns and embroidery represent. For each pair of socks sold, Conscious Step donates money to an organization tackling one of the world’s most pressing problems. Conscious Step believes that every person can inspire change by making conscious choices about the products we consume and their impact on the planet. They set the example for their customers by ensuring that their socks support emerging markets, guarantees a fair wage to cotton farmers and textile workers, and promotes environmental sustainability.

1% For The Planet

“Fairtrade certification is important to us because it shows our consumers that we care about the treatment of every member of the supply chain, as well as the industry’s overall effect on our planet,” said Prashant Mehta, Founder of Conscious Step.  Socks from Conscious Step are made of Fairtrade organic cotton. The company donates to four additional non-profits as part of their 1% for the Planet membership - Oceana, Trees for the Future, Conservation International, and Water.Org.

Journey to India

“Our organic cotton farming and Fairtrade sock manufacturing occurs in India. We chose to manufacture here for the logistical reasons (80% of the world’s organic cotton is produced in India), and for the opportunity to support small and marginal cotton farmers,” said Conscious Step’s Mari Kastet. 

Non-profit Partnerships

Conscious Step would not have the same impact without the support of our incredible partners. Currently, we are building towards having one partner for each Sustainable Development Goal. Working with multiple partners allows us to have a broader impact and share our story with a larger audience, ultimately allowing us to inspire greater change. 

Conscious Step