Become a Fairtrade Supplier

If you’re importing and selling products in the US, you may need to register as a Fairtrade trader.

Fairtrade certifies all steps in the supply chain. Suppliers, also known as traders, are critical to linking farmers and workers with consumers. Traders are companies who import or sell an unfinished Fairtrade product, raw materials or ingredients to other companies registered with Fairtrade.

Your business should apply to become a Fairtrade trader if:

  • You want to buy, store and/or process unfinished Fairtrade certified products or ingredients.
  • You will sell unfinished products on to a Fairtrade licensee or another trader.
  • You are not already licensed in the Fairtrade system to sell finished products packaged with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

All traders are required to comply with Fairtrade International's Trader Standard and be certified by FLOCERT, our third party certification arm. You will also be required to provide full supply chain details for the Fairtrade certified products you will be trading.

Email us to find out how to apply as a Fairtrade trader at or call us at 202.391.0525.

If you want to create and sell a product with the FAIRTRADE Mark, please apply for a Fairtrade license here.