Tell your Fairtrade story

Bring your products’ story to life with these tools & tips for telling your Fairtrade story.

There are more than 1.6 million farmers and workers, and thousands of companies and traders in the Fairtrade system. Around the globe there are nearly 2000 Fair Trade Towns made up of thousands of grassroots supporters. Make the most of your certification by talking it up!  

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Connecting With Producers

Fairtrade BananasShare the stories of the people behind your products and help foster connections across the supply chain. Fairtrade farmers and workers are improving their lives on their terms with your help. By connecting your business and your customers to their stories, you create a channel for change.

You can support farmers and workers through your everyday business activities. Learn more about their unique needs and the impact Fairtrade makes.

Having trouble finding information about a particular producer organization you work with? Let us know and we can get you information. Contact