Using the FAIRTRADE Mark

The Fairtrade Mark is recognized as the world’s leading ethical and sustainable certification mark. It’s important that consumers, supporters and businesses understand what it stands for and correctly use the Fairtrade Mark, so that together we can best support fair trade for farmers and workers.

The FAIRTRADE Mark – sometimes described as the Fairtrade logo – is a registered certification mark found on over 30,000 products worldwide. Products carrying the Mark meet the internationally-agreed Fairtrade Standards.

The Fairtrade Standards are a rigorous set of rules established by Fairtrade International with stakeholders from across the system, including farmers, workers, traders, non-government organizations, academics, and National Fairtrade Organizations, like Fairtrade America.

The FAIRTRADE Mark means different things on different products:

  • If you’re looking at a bag of Fairtrade coffee or a bunch of Fairtrade bananas with the FAIRTRADE Mark, 100% of the product meets the Fairtrade Standards.
  • For products like cookies, ice cream and chocolate bars with multiple ingredients, every ingredient that can be sourced as Fairtrade must be Fairtrade. The percentage of ingredients that are certified Fairtrade must be displayed on the packaging and at least 20% of the content (dry weight) must be certified. Most companies go above and beyond that.
  • Generally cosmetics contains small amounts of ingredients that can be certified Fairtrade. To make sure farmers can continue to sell their products on Fairtrade terms, the minimum required Fairtrade content is 2% for products like shampoo, soap and toothpaste, whereas lotions, creams and lip balms require a minimum of 5% to carry the Mark.

The FAIRTRADE Mark can be used on:

  • Products that have been certified and audited for adherence to the Fairtrade Standards
  • Promotional materials used to advocate for and promote the purchase of Fairtrade products

If you are a supporter of Fairtrade or a business sourcing Fairtrade goods, there are a number of ways to promote Fairtrade and your own commitment to farmers and workers in developing countries. We have created a variety of Fairtrade promotional materials, or you can develop your own.

To use the FAIRTRADE Mark commercially, you will need to send your product packaging and promotional material artwork to Fairtrade America for approval before use.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the exclusive property of Fairtrade International and internationally registered trademarks (1077402 and 1196042).