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Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s stocks a selection of Fairtrade products, including sugar, honey, Sumatra Blend coffee, chocolate and cocoa powder.

Buying Fairtrade Sugar

A key ingredient in many foods, the market for sugar is growing, but often smallholder farmers don't earn a sustainable living and have little future security.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market stocks a selection of Fairtrade products including their 365 brand sugar and frozen asparagus.

All Fairtrade Products

Every choice you make is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.

Tate and Lyle Sugar

Tate & Lyle is committed to spreading sweet success around the world. By choosing to buy Tate & Lyle Fairtrade certified cane sugar, you enable whole communities to improve their quality of life.

Buying Other Fairtrade Certified Products

With standards for over 300 raw products, the range of Fairtrade products on offer is wide, from rice, vanilla, herbs and spices to gum, soccer balls and cereal.

Natures Path

“Leave the earth better than you found it” is Nature’s Path’s mantra. That’s why they source their products locally or from Fairtrade farmers.

Nuterra Granola

NuTerra Granola is delicious and good for you, also a source of wellness for the small-scale farmers that they partner with, who put all of their know-how into growing top quality ingredients.

Field Day

Field Day's wide variety of products are full of flavor and contain organic and Non-GMO ingredients for you and your family and their fruit spreads are Fairtrade! Make meal time convenient, delicious and nutritious with Field Day

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