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Fairtrade Fashion

Look good and feel good – wear fair trade fashion.

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Fairtrade America Press Kit

To be used by media and journalists to communicate Fairtrade issues. For media inquiries please contact: or 415.615.2658

Farmer poverty perpetuates the child labor crisis on cocoa farms

In addition to legislation, we must also address the socio-economic pressures and extreme poverty that cause cocoa farmers to resort to human rights violations.


Join the team of one of the most cutting-edge models for change!

Who we are

Fairtrade is a global system. Our dedicated team in the US fights for change to better the lives of farmers and workers in developing countries.

Fairtrade Chocolate

When you choose chocolate with the fair trade seal, you make a difference for cocoa farmers, their families and communities.

All Fairtrade Products

You can buy fair trade certified products in stores across the US and online. 


Around the world, business is adapting to minimize the spread of COVID-19. At Fairtrade America, we’re doing our part by working virtually. Our work is ongoing and we’re committed to assisting the producers that are at the heart of our system.

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