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Fairtrade Reports

What is Fairtrade? Why is Fairtrade important for America? What impacts have we made? Download our latest reports and find the answers!

Where Fairtrade needs to do more

The Fairtrade system is constantly evolving, and we are committed to continuous improvement to increase impact for producers in developing countries.

Fairtrade Products

With loads of items to choose from, the Fairtrade products list is huge! Whether you’re in the market for coffee, beauty products, cocoa or cotton, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when you’re out shopping.

Buying Fairtrade Coffee

When you choose Fairtrade coffee, you are supporting coffee farmers around the globe getting a fair deal.

Buying Fairtrade Cotton

Fairtrade cotton allows you to take pride in your ethics, as well as your appearance.

Get involved

People all around the world are pushing to make trade fairer through grassroots campaigns. There are many ways you can get involved with Fairtrade, like purchasing Fairtrade products like coffee, sugar, chocolate, or bananas, choosing ethical clothing, and advocating for farmers rights. By choosing Fairtrade certified products, you vote with your dollars for a fairer global marketplace.

Newsletter Signup

Keep informed about the latest Fairtrade developments. Expect farmers stories, news of Fairtrade products and more.

Get Certified

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the most recognized and trusted ethical label in the world. Backed by strong standards and third-party certification, the mark assures your customers that your products meet Fairtrade’s rigorous social, economic and environmental criteria. Whether you want to certify your products or stock your store with Fairtrade goods, we can help you strengthen your supply chain and make a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers.

Why Go Fairtrade

Interest in sustainability keeps growing. Fairtrade helps you tell your story. Learn more and meet us at events nationwide.

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