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Paraguayan Pride: Farmers Open World's First Fairtrade Organic Sugar Mill

Fairtrade sugar farmers from the remote Manduvira Cooperative in western Paraguay are celebrating an extraordinary achievement – the ribbon-cutting of the world’s first producer-owned Fairtrade organic sugar mill.

Fairtrade coffee: a fairer deal and a more sustainable future for coffee farmers

 At Fairtrade, we welcome debate and discussion about our approach and our work. Critical analysis challenges our assumptions and helps us improve the Fairtrade model. The poverty and injustice that result from a deeply unfair global trade system is complex; and as with any complex problem, it requires a variety of approaches. 

Thank you for Celebrating Fair Trade Month

Thank you for celebrating Fair Trade Month with us. We’d like to finish the Month by reflecting on the meaning of “The Power of You”.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade Flowers

To paraphrase Nora Ephron, there’s no possible way every human being on earth is born with good taste—even though we all like to think we are.

This October, You Have the Power!

October is Fair Trade Month and this year, we are celebrating the Power of You.

Flower Power

When you read the slogan “Flower Power,” you might think of the 1960s, hippies, the anti-war movement, and groovy psychedelic music.

Get Certified

The FAIRTRADE Mark is the most recognized and trusted ethical label in the world. Backed by strong standards and third-party certification, the mark assures your customers that your products meet Fairtrade’s rigorous social, economic and environmental criteria. Whether you want to certify your products or stock your store with Fairtrade goods, we can help you strengthen your supply chain and make a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers.

Thanks for your inquiry

You’ve taken the first step to improving the sustainability of your supply chain and we salute you. A member of Fairtrade America’s Commercial Relations team will be in touch soon.

Download Research

Fairtrade regularly conducts research to monitor recognition and trust in the FAIRTRADE label, and understand current trends in consumer research. Fairtrade America is proud to release our latest round of research conducted by GlobeScan.

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