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Release: Fairtrade Part of Balanced Diet New Research Shows

The way food is produced and traded is an important contributor to purchase decisions for many consumers. Changing attitudes, new perspectives on fair trade and ethical certifications highlighted in new research from GlobeScan and Fairtrade America. 

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Toast a Climate Activist

Working on sustainability or climate change issues in DC? We want to thank you with a Fairtrade Breakfast at your office this October/November!  

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There are lots of ways to get your community mobilized to support famers and workers in developing countries.

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What is Fairtrade? Why is Fairtrade important for America? What impacts have we made? Download our latest reports and find the answers!

Thanksgiving Coffee Picked as One of Top Coffee Roasters in the World

Thanksgiving Coffee is one of the original direct traders, selling coffee built on close relationships with coffee farmers since 1972. The company on the Northern California coast was recently honored as one of the top coffee roasters in the world winning Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year for 2017.

Don’t Be a Couch Potato! This Fall, Flex Your Activist Muscles

Summer. Best spent relaxing by the pool with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Fairtrade ice cream – slacktivism at its finest. Every pint puts more money, on better terms, into the pockets of farmers and helps them invest in their communities. But we need to do more if we want to change the world.

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