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Why Go Fairtrade

Shoppers want to know where their food and clothing are coming from. Businesses want to mitigate potential risks in their supply chain and do good in the world. Fairtrade is the solution for all of these aims.

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You’ve taken the first step to improving the sustainability of your supply chain and we salute you. A member of Fairtrade America’s Commercial Relations team will be in touch soon.

Tell your Fairtrade story

Bring your products’ story to life with these tools & tips for telling your Fairtrade story.

Explore Fairtrade

Companies that use the FAIRTRADE Mark make a positive impact on the lives of farmers and workers. You’ve likely already taken steps toward sourcing your products more ethically and sustainably. Now take the next step.

Fairtrade Chocolate

When you choose chocolate with the fair trade seal, you make a difference for cocoa farmers, their families and communities.

Fairtrade Coffee

Choose Fairtrade coffee and give a fair deal to coffee farmers around the world.

Fairtrade Fashion

Look good and feel good – wear fair trade fashion.

Fairtrade Reports

What is Fairtrade? Why is Fairtrade important for America? What impacts have we made? Download our latest reports and find the answers!

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