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About Coffee

Coffee is undeniably one of the world’s most popular drinks. But how often do we think about the people behind the beans?

Fairtrade Cotton Farmers

Cotton is the most important crop in the world’s textile industry, and has history as the globe’s oldest commercial crop.

About Cotton

Around 40 million farmers produce over 60% of the world’s cotton. Many of these farmers are among the poorest globally. 

Produce Farmers and Workers

Not just a fruit bowl favorite, bananas are also the staple food for many people in developing countries.

About Bananas

Bananas are believed to have originally grown in the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines in Southeast Asia, where a number of wild varieties can still be found. Travelers spread them across Asia. They were introduced to Africa by Arabs and brought to the Americas by the Portuguese.

Fairtrade Flower Farmers and Workers

The global cut flower trade is estimated to be worth more than $100 billion a year.

Fairtrade Sugar Farmers

Sugarcane makes up almost 80% of global sugar production, cultivated in developing countries by millions of smallholder farmers and workers.

About Sugar

Sugar is the key ingredient in a variety of food and drinks that we love (in moderation, of course!). While the market for sugar is growing, smallholder farmers still need a lot of support in order to earn a sustainable living and secure their futures.

Fairtrade Gold Miners

Love, wealth and luxury—we associate all of these with gold. But the truth behind this precious metal is not so glamorous.

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